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We have been providing vehicle tracking and data services from Navman Wireless since late 2003, we chose Navman for our AVL (Automatic Vehicle Location) services as they were the first in the UK to offer a fixed cost package that 'did what it said on the tin' and to date we have had no reason to look elsewhere for our customers as Navman Wireless (UK) Ltd have grown to be one of the largest and most reliable vehicle tracking providers and not just in the UK, Navman Wireless are now a global player in the telematics field.

Fixed Cost from £0.60 Pence Per Day including:

  • Hardware and installation
  • Warranted for the length of subscription
  • All Vodafone access and usage for the GPRS service
  • Secure access to the superb AVL2 PC suite for multiple users
  • Mapping via Google with Street view and Traffic monitoring (TMC)
  • Real-time event alerting including Geofence activitiy
  • A whole host of report facilities inc. Time sheets, mileage reports ect.
  • iphone APP
  • Email Alerts
  • Optional Messaging via MDT-860, Navigation via the M-Nav 760
  • CANBUS Interface (only for FMS enabled vehicles)

We don't hard sell Navman, we simple show you what it can do and how it can provide complete fleet visibility.


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