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Vertex Standard VX7000

Vertex Standard VX7000



Icom F3002 4002

PMR-MPT Trunking- Team Simoco Blade

PMR-MPT Trunking- Team Simoco Blade


PMR Repeaters – Proven to improve coverage for geographical and in building use!!!

We provide a full range of repeaters and accessories for the professional from the leading manufacturers.

Professional licensed radio This type of equipment, commonly known as a base station, is ideal for when additional coverage is required, we can tailor the radios for various features and a host of accessories are available, we can also help with obtaining an Ofcom Radio licence if you don’t already have one:

Some useful features include:

  • NEW MIX MODE- Us it on existing hand portable and mobile radios and be ready for DIGITAL migration!
  • Programmable power output
  • Single or multiple channels (typically basic has 4 channels going up to over 500 channels on high tier)
  • Single or multiple channels
  • IP Interconnectivity for multiple sites
  • Voice or Date services

We have only mentioned a few features but don't worry if you don't see what you are looking for, call us and we will be able to find the solution for you!


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We provide equipment, installation and reprogramming services, antennas, accessories, repair facilities and support for: Motorola, Icom TAIT, Kenwood, Entel, Hytera, Vetex Standard


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