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Sordin - Ear defenders

MSA Sordin CC Passive

Ear defenders with Two-way radio interface

The MSA Sordin CC Passive is a comfortable noise cancelling ear defend headset that connects directly to most two-way hand portable walkie-talkie radios on the market. Headband and helmet attachment versions are available for Motorola, Kenwood, ICOM, Vertex Standard, ENTEL, Maxon, Simoco, Yaesu and Walter Dittel radios.The hearing protector headset has a noise cancelling boom microphone, PTT and down lead that connect directly to the two-way radio with minimal interference from background noise.

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The 41000 MSA Sordin CC

The 41000 MSA Sordin CC Passive ear defender headsets enhance the features and benefits of the two-way radio, giving clear, safer and more efficient two way communications even when in noisy environments.

  • Padded headband and soft cushions provides high comfort.
  • Quick positioning noise cancelling boom microphone for clear communications even in noisy areas
  • Available with or without 82 dB(A) audio limiters.
  • Connection to either a PTT2000 or a PTT7000 series press-to-talk switches via the fitted TP120 plug
  • Weight: 298g(Headband) 292g (Helmet mounted).

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MSA Sordin Cut Off Pro

Noise cancelling ear defenders

Level Dependent ear muffs which reproduce sounds whilst automatically filtering out harmful noise. Digital electronic sound reproduction ensures true life reproduction of ambient noise at a safe controlled level not exceeding 82 dB(A). The MSA Sordin Cut Off Pro allows the wearer to hear warning sounds and other important information. Ideal for use in high impulse noise areas or where verbal communication is essential. Can be connected to two-way radios.

  • Sound level limited to 82dB(A).
  • Digital electronics give state of the art sound reproduction.
  • High Amplification of weak signals.
  • Low battery warning and battery save function, battery life approx 1000 hrs (2xAA).
  • AUX input for connection of external equipment eg. two way radio.
  • 3 key function control pad, 5 step volume control.

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Peltor Ear Defenders

Cuts out only the noises that are harmful to your ears.

Peltor™ have developed communication solutions for noisy environments making it possible for users of hearing protectors to communicate very effectively – with their immediate environment and with people further away.

Communication with people around you involves active-volume function and intercom systems. For longer distances, you have communication radios, DECT and mobile phones. All communication options can also be combined with a sound system such as an FM radio.

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Peltor™ Headsets, with a carefully developed microphone- and speaker system gives excellent communication possibilities in very high-noise environments. The well-designed cups of the headset gives very good attenuation and brings comfort for a long-term use.

A wide range of models and features gives many possibilities for different applications and useage areas.

Hunting & Shooting

Hunters and marksmen, both amateur and professional, all have the same basic needs - their hearing and vision are crucial for all forms of shooting.

Peltor™ has collaborated with sports shooters, hunters, soldiers and police officers to develop a unique, well-renowned range of active hearing- and communicating protectors that keep the shooters from harmful high noise environments.

Contact us with your requirements and we can advise which equipment is best suited for you.

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